Cameron Heights: A Luxury Community Spotlight Featured Image

Cameron Heights is a picturesque community located in southwest Edmonton. It's bordered by both the North Saskatchewan River and Ravine, the gorgeous Wedgewood Ravine, and offers a variety of amenities, parks and schools.

Why Cameron Heights is a Prime Location

Cameron Heights is an ideal location for the homeowner who wants to live a small community with a tranquil atmosphere. There is only one access road going directly into the neighbourhood, but the Anthony Henday Drive is only a few minutes away so you have easy access to the entire city and surrounding areas. There's full ETS service too!

This area is just minutes from grocery stores, restaurants, and other services, making it one of the most attractive communities in Edmonton.…

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How to Buy and Sell a House at the Same Time Featured Image

The real estate market is generally flourishing in the Edmonton area, which means many people are interested in selling their homes. However, when you sell your home, you have to find a new one. If you're looking to sell your home and buy a new one at the same time, you will no doubt face some challenges. A few helpful tips can aid you so both transactions turn out successful.

Expect the Stress

It is a no-brainer that both selling and buying a home are stressful situations. Therefore, you should go into the situation expecting to feel stressed. Doing one of these activities is stressful enough, so you should realize that doing both at the same time will double the feelings of anxiety you may experience. You will certainly have a few nights where…

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The Differences Between Selling a Condo and Selling a House Featured Image

The differences between a house and a condo are like night and day. These differences definitely play a role in buying and selling decisions.

House Versus Condo

Condo owners pay an association fee, used toward the upkeep of the property and common areas that condo owners share. These common areas are not controlled by owners. But usually, there is no yard work to worry about and maintenance issues are resolved by the association. Parking areas are maintained and outside lighting and landscape are the condo association's responsibilities. 

Condos are often found located in desirable areas (like central downtown) where single family houses are rare. These buildings are usually near offices and in historic districts, similar to the project in…

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Why Do You Need a Home Evaluation? Featured Image

One of the most common questions real estate agents receive from homeowners relates to their home's actual value. Some may have heard from neighbours about houses in the neighbourhood that sold for a certain amount, and they want to know what their home will be worth. There may be a general sense of anxiety about going through the motions of listing a home for sale and having their home sit on the market for long weeks or even months, and some may want to know how quickly their home may sell. One of the most important first steps any homeowner should take when thinking about selling their home is to obtain a home evaluation because it addresses these and other concerns you may have. 

What Is a Home Evaluation?

Your home's value in the…

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Removing the Emotional Ups and Downs From Your Move Featured Image

Many things can cause stress in your life. A new job, a new baby, moving. Moving is one of the highest stresses that people can go through. At first it sounds silly, because moving can symbolize so many great things. You may have a new dream job,  met someone wonderful, or you are finally getting to live in a place you’ve always been curious about! However, when you take into account the fact that you are basically uprooting some of the most stable parts of your life, like where you sleep, where you shop and what you see every day, that stress makes sense. Check out our tips on how to have a stress-free move.

Start Right Now

As soon as you know you are going to move, you can start preparing for it. We're not saying that you should suddenly stuff…

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