Thanksgiving in Less Than Two Weeks? Let's Talk Turkey! Featured Image

Thanksgiving elicits thoughts of tables filled with loved ones, plates piled high with food, and warm memories to last a lifetime. Besides the time spent with your friends and family, the highlight of the Thanksgiving holiday is that crispy, juicy, golden turkey that sits front and centre on your table. Do you sit up the night before Thanksgiving, wide-eyed and caffeine-fuelled as you obsessively Google how to prep and cook a turkey or search through hundreds of pins on Pinterest for the perfect recipe? This year, shut down the computer and relax with a glass of wine or sneak a piece of pie because with these tips, you won't have to worry about a thing. 

Don't Set Yourself Up for Failure 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting the…

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Updating Your Home Decor for Autumn Featured Image

It seems as if everyone has a certain love affair with fall. The cooler weather and crisp, colourful leaves always elicit the wonderful feelings of home, family and warmth. This celebrated season of fantastic foliage and pumpkin pie can provide a wealth of inspiration for your interior décor. A few simple updates will invite the raw beauty of autumn into your home so you can enjoy the season indoors and out.

Warm Up Your Living Room

As cooler temperatures set in, you’ll want to create a warm, inviting living space to cozy into during your free time. Substitute accents made of lightweight summer fabrics for those crafted with rich velvet or fleece in gorgeous autumn hues. Just as you layer your clothing in the fall, you’ll want to put this same…

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Top Neighbourhoods in Central Edmonton Featured Image

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the idea of finding the perfect home for you in an entire city. It can be helpful to focus on specific neighbourhoods instead. Here are five of the top Edmonton neighbourhoods you may want to explore:


Oliver clearly appeals to a lot of people; the neighbourhood has one of the highest populations in Edmonton. The appeal has lasted a long time, as the area is filled with historic homes built over 100 years ago. Like Strathcona, there are a large number of shops and restaurants. Close enough to be considered an extension of Downtown, Oliver enjoys a view of the river valley and Paul Kane Park provides green space right in the centre of the neighbourhood.


Part of the appeal of Downtown is, of…

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Your Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall Featured Image

Summer’s end triggers thoughts about the coming months when weather changes cause additional stress on your home’s external structures and internal systems. Homeowners can use the cooler days of fall to do a thorough inspection and minor repairs that will help to keep your home cozy and secure throughout the winter months. 


In the fall, take a walk around the perimeter of your home and check the condition of the foundation. Take note of any large cracks, missing pieces or water stains. These signs can indicate a potential water problem in your basement. Consult a reputable foundation contractor for advice about repairs. 

Roof & Gutters

Your roof system may have sustained damage from spring and summer storms. A thorough…

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