Top Trends in Luxury Homes Featured Image 

Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect home or you are simply wondering if your own beloved property could use an update, it’s easy to see that the current luxury trends are really standing out! The features that designate a home as being a luxury property have come a long way. While some of these trends are here today and gone tomorrow, others have withstood the test of time.

What luxury features are taking center stage right now, and how can they be integrated into your future home?

Full Wireless Automation 

Not too long ago, it was considered impressive and exciting to have a television that was wirelessly connected to the Internet. Now we are taking the home of the future and integrating it into our everyday lives by connecting…

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Gas Versus Electric: Which Appliance is Right for Your Home? Featured Image

Electric appliances took off around the 1930s when cheaper electricity and manufacturing started to make electric appliances more affordable than appliances that used gas, wood, and coal. Today, choosing between gas and electric appliances can depend on whether or not a household is equipped for gas or electric hookups. However, if both are available, or someone has the money to tear down walls and install new fixtures, pipes, and/or wires, then the following might help you choose which of the two is better for your home.


One of the major selling points of electricity is that electronic appliances are usually cheaper to manufacture and purchase. Most homes already have electric outlets that fit most ranges. Even if the electrical outlet…

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How to Reduce Energy Costs in the Summer Featured Image

Summer is a beautiful time, full of the hum of insects, the shouts of children laughing at play... and the insidious and exasperating drone of the air conditioner! When the temperatures rise, so do the energy bills, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Even if you want to stay as cool as a cucumber this summer, be aware of some of these techniques that you can use to keep your expenses low.

Thermostat Timers

When people think about thermostat timers, they usually think about the winter months. However, a timer can also be applied to your air conditioning system, allowing it to start cooling your home just twenty or thirty minutes before you get home. No one likes waiting for their home to cool down, but frankly, cooling an empty house is pretty…

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Agent with Couple Asking Questions Image

Putting a real estate agent through an interview process is a smart consumer decision when wanting to hire one. You and the REALTOR will be sizing each other up to determine if you’re a good fit. Be suspicious if an agent doesn't ask probing questions about your motivation. A good agent is selective about the clients they serve.

New agents can be “fixed” with a little experience. Sometimes newly licensed agents are more gung-ho than seasoned veterans to make a sale. Competent mentors and training can produce successful real estate agents. Choosing a reputable agency is nearly as important as the REALTOR you choose. New agents have fewer customers and, therefore, more time to concentrate and impress the clients they do have. Smart agents repeat…

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