4 Ways to Come Up With Your Down Payment Featured Image

Does the possibility of purchasing your dream home seem difficult? Despite the 20% down payment expectation, there are other way you can secure a lower payment. Keep in mind though, the higher your down payment is, the easier time you'll have handing your expenses. Rather than suffer the disappointment of not buying your dream home, there's a number of creative ways you can try to get the funds you need.

Liquidate Certain Assets

One of the easiest ways to getting the funds that you need for a down payment is to liquidate certain assets. Liquidation means selling your assets and turning them into cash. When gathering funds for a down payment, you want to choose assets that are non-essential to you. For example, maybe you have a vehicle you don't…

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Edmonton's Top Infill Communities Featured Image

You dream of lovely Victorian homes with large trees, spacious yards and porch swings, readied for lazy summer sunsets and lemonade. However, homes built during the early 1900's often need extensive repairs, plumbing upgrades and insulation. You can execute minor repairs, but extensive remodelling is beyond your skill set, and hiring contractors seems overwhelming. If you enjoy the character and personality of vintage residential architecture but want the amenities associated with newer homes, you can realize your dream by taking advantage of infill housing.

Residential infill projects place new homes among older homes in historic neighbourhoods. Buyers enjoy parks, mature trees and established community associations while controlling urban sprawl,…

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Luxury Community Spotlight: Riverstone Pointe in Sturgeon County Featured Image

Take advantage of all that Edmonton offers in classic good living and check out this premier location, Riverstone Pointe in Sturgeon Valley. You'll discover elegant homes overlooking sterling views, combining a country feel while being only minutes away from St. Albert's urban centre. 

Scenic Lots In Natural Settings

As you drive through the scenic streets, notice how the tranquil hiking and biking trails thread through green spaces. You'll be struck by the beauty, because great care has been taken to ensure the architecture of the homes in the neighbourhood harmonize with natural surroundings. You'll be able to assert your independence, however, and each homeowner can customize size, materials, and styles (within reason!) in order to pursue…

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What is Mortgage Loan Insurance and Do You Need It? Featured Image

Congratulations! You've been approved by your bank for a mortgage to finance your new home. Whether it's a luxury home in Cameron Heights or a starter condo in Leduc, the thrill is the same.

Although it seems like every day a new cost is added to your home ownership quest, get ready for yet one more.

CMHC Mortgage Insurance

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation mortgage insurance protects your lender if there comes a time when you can't make your monthly mortgage payment. Most lenders demand that this insurance be in place before approving your loan. You can certainly understand why they want this guarantee.

The lender takes out the insurance and passes the cost of the premium to you. You can't shop for insurance from different…

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