Halloween Safety Tips for Both Kids and Adults Featured Image

In the cool autumn months, both children and adults look forward to the Halloween festivities. The colourful costumes, lively decorations, trick-or-treating, house parties and other celebrations make it one of the most enjoyable holidays for people of all ages. Make sure your Halloween is a safe one by following these holiday safety tips:


Small children should always have adult supervision during trick-or-treating. Older children can trick-or-treat in groups if they follow a safe, pre-determined route. Children should stay with their group at all times. Have older children trick-or-treating alone carry a cell phone with them at all times. Encourage children to avoid dark homes, dark streets and warn them never to go into a stranger’s…

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The Benefits of Condo Living Featured Image

Whether you are thinking about a long-term home or something that will simply keep you for a few years, you'll find that a condo might be exactly what you are looking for. Like a house, it builds equity, but generally they're less expensive than a home and they come with several interesting benefits. Like any housing situation, it has its benefits and its disadvantages, but while a condo might not be perfect for everyone, there is a chance that it is perfect for you. Take a moment to learn the basics of owning a condo and find out if this is the housing solution you have been looking for. 

So What Is a Condo?

The first thing you need to understand is that a condo is not necessarily a specific type of building. Instead, it refers to a condition…

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How To Attract Serious Buyers to Your Home Featured Image

When you list your home for sale on the market, you want it sold quickly and for top dollar. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many people who go house hunting are not actively looking for a home or ready to make a purchase. For example, some individuals who may want to tour your home may be those nosy neighbours who are interested in learning more about what other properties in the area look like or what price they are listed for. Others may simply enjoy touring homes or may be feeling out the market. 

Of course, each time your home is shown, you have to make an extra effort to clean it, to be away from the house for several hours and more. Clearly, it's in your best interest to attract serious buyers to your home and to dissuade those who…

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Luxury Community Spotlight: Blackhawk Estates Featured Image

Estates at Blackhawk, sometimes called Blackhawk Estates, is a luxury neighbourhood located near Devon, just southwest of Edmonton. The Blackhawk Golf Club and other great amenities make it popular with home buyers. Find out if this serene community is right for you.

Estates at Blackhawk is a Top Location

Many residents of Blackhawk Estates love that the neighbourhood has a peaceful and idyllic feel. The major roads running through town lets you quickly hop in your car to head into the big city for some fun with friends, your spouse or even your children, but you'll also find that there are ample things to do within walking distance of your new home.

You're only minutes away from multiple gyms and fitness centres, but you can find drug…

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