Tips & Tricks: Decorating Your Kitchen on a Budget Featured Image

There are a multitude of methods to decorate or update an existing kitchen that don't require an exorbitant amount of time or money. Start with a generalized plan. Is the overall style outdated? Does the space need brightening? Perhaps you need more storage space. Consider the key elements that you want to change and design a plan around particular objectives.

Painted Facelift

Paint and a free weekend go a long way toward transforming a kitchen. Consider the look of your current cabinets. White cupboards, windows and other wood trim, combined with a pastel palette on the walls, and a darkened room becomes a resplendent, sunny atmosphere. Conversely, if desiring a more sophisticated and expensive appearance, think about painting cabinets a rich,…

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Home Organization Tips: Getting Rid of the Clutter Featured Image

These days it seems the house is always full of clutter. The daily schedule of work, family and all the things that go along with leave cleaning by the wayside. You can find time to run the vacuum around and load the dishwasher but it feels like you can't set aside a good chunk of time to get to all the clutter hanging around the house. But there is hope! By following a few simple tips you can get it under control.

Start with a Major Clean-up

Three bins: Keep, Donate and Toss. Everything gets put into one of those bins. If it's in good shape but you don't use it, put it in the donation bin. And by don't use it, we mean within least the last 6 months. We're not just talking about clothes. Keep and Toss are pretty explanatory, we think.


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