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Although selling a home in the winter can be challenging, it's not impossible. As with any real estate transaction, taking the buyer's needs into account will get you more offers. How can you meet those needs and increase your chances of selling a home, especially during traditionally slow selling seasons? Read on to find out.

Make Your Home Easy to Navigate

If you can't park on the sidewalk because of a large snowdrift or the driveway is covered with snow, no one will stop by your open house. Parking a kilometre away and walking to the house in freezing weather is the last thing anyone wants to do. In addition, make sure the walk is shoveled and salted properly to avoid slip and fall accidents, which could scare people away.

Consider these things:

  • If you have trees near your house or electrical wires, trim them to avoid complications from ice and high winds later in the season.
  • Keep your driveway and walkways tidy and safe by shoveling and salting them regularly.
  • Cover any shrubs with protective weather tarps and remove dead plants from your garden.

Open Houses Should Be Warm

A first impression is everything when it comes to an open house or when someone stops by to view your property. During the winter, it’s tempting to keep the temperature in the house low to save money on heating, especially if the house is largely unused during the day. In general, experts recommend that the temperature be kept at 21 degrees or higher. This is the sweet spot that is neither too hot nor too cold to those who may be entering the home. When potential buyers are comfortable, they are more likely to stick around and possibly make an offer.

Get the Most out of Indoor Lighting

It gets dark pretty early in the winter so if you’re planning on selling your home, you will need lights. Light sources can be used to make your home look bright and welcoming as natural light fades. It's important not to give buyers the impression that your home is naturally dark.

Timers can be used to automatically turn the interior lights on right before buyers arrive if you can. You'll instantly give your home a warm, welcoming atmosphere that lends itself to a positive first impression, without even being there. It will also save the agent from having to search in the dark for the right light switch!

Weather is Unpredictable, So Don't be Stubborn

The weather is beyond your control. In the event of an impending snowstorm, you should reschedule your open house or private appointment to view the property. This makes it easier to ensure that the property is ready to be viewed in the best possible light when someone does come to see the house. In addition, there is no reason to endanger someone's safety just for the sake of an appointment. Doing so could sour a buyer and derail a potential sale.

Whether you're moving for employment reasons or you simply need a change, following these tips may help you find the right buyer willing to make an offer you will gladly accept.

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