Tips to Save Money This Christmas Featured Image

The most important memories at Christmas are about the time spent with family and friends. Keep happiness, good tidings and cheer at the centre of all your shopping and activities with these seven tips on how to save money this Christmas!

Make Your Gifts

People remember homemade gifts due to the personal touch. Purchasing raw materials for crafts, clothing or food is much cheaper than buying the finished product. Homemade is a way to show you care.

Gift Exchange for Relatives

It is always awkward when you don't buy a present for a relative who bought you a present. A Gift Exchange, Draw-One Name or Secret Santa system places all your relatives names in a box and allows each member to pick someone. This is efficient, cost-effective and…

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Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster with These Simple Tricks Featured Image

Are you interested in quickly paying off your mortgage? Paying your mortgage off faster is a fantastic way to save on interest, but it can feel burdensome putting more money into each payment. Instead, consider these very simple tricks for paying your mortgage off quickly without creating any financial issues for yourself.

Make Bi-Weekly Payments Instead of Once a Month

Most people make a mortgage payment once per month. For easy numbers let's say it's $2000. That would equal 12 payments over the year for a total of $24,000. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, if you divide that by two you end up with 26 payments over the course of a year. If you do each payment at $1000 (for the most part you would only pay twice a month, with a couple of…

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