Your Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring Featured ImageSpring has sprung, and it's time to perform some much-needed maintenance on your most precious investment: your home. "Spring cleaning" isn't just a figure of speech; proper maintenance of your home will help protect your investment in the long run. In addition, home maintenance doesn't always require extensive labour or time can be quickly, and easily, done in a relatively short period of time!

So, without further ado, here's our handy home maintenance checklist for spring!

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Realistically, most homes should have this already. It's great for both summer and winter. And for about $250 for a top-of-the-line digital programmable thermostat, you can save about $200 a year on home energy costs (so the thermostat will pay for itself in just a little over a year!). Your thermostat should never go above about 21 degrees for optimal energy bills. 

Inspect Your Air Conditioner

The summer months will be here before you know it, and the last thing you will need -- or want -- is an air conditioner that dies in the dead of summer. Should your A/C need a tune-up, you can easily find a technician to perform this task for you for a pretty affordable price.

Clean and Inspect All Your Gutters and Downspouts

In an area such as ours, which has a lot of precipitation (especially of the cold kind!), gutters can expand and contract with the changing temperatures. This expansion and contraction can lead to the gutters slowly but surely becoming detached from the house, so inspect the gutters and make sure that they're flush with the roof. 

Caulk the Cracks

Check around all of your windows and make sure that there are no cracks...and if there are, take out a caulking gun and seal all the cracks up. If the pane is separating from the frame, invest in some window-glazing putty and reattach it. This may seem like a bit of a pain to do...but it's a bigger investment to replace the entire window than it is to fix a few cracks. 

Inspect the Foundation

This is a periodic thing you should be doing anyway, to make sure that no outside moisture comes into the house. If you spot any masonry cracks -- no matter how small they are -- don't just caulk them up. Instead, hire a foundation specialist that will seal these cracks, and any other cracks he may find in a subsequent inspection.

Note: if you have a chimney, make sure to give it a checkup as well. Clean and inspect your chimney, whether it's active or decorative, and don't forget to have the chimney sweep check the flue and cap for any cracks. 

Repair the Roof

A new roof can run into the tens of thousands of dollars if you leave it to fall by the wayside, so the old adage about an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure is definitely true in this case. If you should see a few shingles that are in need of repair, asphalt shingles run about $125. While you're up on the roof, check for any wear and tear, and if it needs to be re-tarred, do so as quickly as possible.

Don't Forget the Concrete

Even the external concrete could use a little TLC after the harsh winter months. If you don't have one, rent a power washer from your local home improvement store (or maybe borrow one from a neighbour), and blast away all the dirt and grime. Don't forget to seal the concrete after you've finished power washing it!

Don't Skimp on the Landscaping and Drainage

Trim away anything that's over-grown or weed-like. Place shrubs liberally around your perimeter to assist in proper drainage, and make sure to plant your shrubs to form a negative grade (which will take the water away from the soil, and prevent erosion).

Even though some of these spring cleaning tips will cost you a little bit of time and money, they're definitely worth it in the end. An ounce of prevention is definitely better than a pound of cure, and by heeding these simple spring home maintenance tips, you can keep your most precious investment - your home - in top condition for years to come.

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