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When you list your home for sale on the market, you want it sold quickly and for top dollar. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many people who go house hunting are not actively looking for a home or ready to make a purchase. For example, some individuals who may want to tour your home may be those nosy neighbours who are interested in learning more about what other properties in the area look like or what price they are listed for. Others may simply enjoy touring homes or may be feeling out the market. 

Of course, each time your home is shown, you have to make an extra effort to clean it, to be away from the house for several hours and more. Clearly, it's in your best interest to attract serious buyers to your home and to dissuade those who are not serious from requesting a tour. There are a few steps that you can take to encourage serious buyers to pay more attention to your property so that it sells quickly. 

Stage Your Home 

The fact is, the sooner your house receives a serious offer from a truly interested buyer, the less likely it will be to attract the casually interested parties to your door. Therefore, you should take every step possible to position your property in the best possible light! Before your real estate agent takes pictures and creates a virtual tour online, be sure to follow some basic staging instructions. In some cases, you may consider working with a professional real estate stager. However, your own real estate agent can also offer excellent advice that you can follow. This may include: 

  • making some updates to your landscaping (also called curb appeal)
  • repainting the walls to a neutral hue or at least touching up your current paint
  • steam cleaning the carpet
  • de-personalize the home by removing family portraits and other items that make your house feel like your home. 
  • fix any leaks or issues within the home, as long as it doesn't break your budget

After all, you want your potential buyers to be able to see themselves living in the space rather than feeling as though they are walking through someone else's home. 

Highlight the Selling Features 

You may have the best real estate agent, but remember, nobody knows your home as well as you do. Your real estate agent will be tasked with creating a winning property description to place online and in flyers or brochures outside your home, along with any other ideas they may have to market your home to potential buyers. If you want your property to be showcased in the best possible light, be sure that your real estate agent is aware of all of your home's key selling points. For example, they may not be aware that you just replaced the HVAC unit last year or that your kitchen cabinets were custom-made. You may have plans to leave the play-set in the backyard. Make a list of all of the features of your property you are most proud of or that you think differentiate it from other homes in the area. These are features that your agent may need to include when preparing the property description for you, and it's helpful to provide your list to your agent when you meet with them.

Show Case!

The casual lookers may want to take a peek at what is inside your home or to see the backyard. You can satisfy most curious individuals by providing ample photos or even a virtual tour online. Ensure that your real estate agent provides photos of all of the main features of the home. When offered, opt to post a virtual tour online as well. This can keep the casual shoppers away while also generating more interest about your home with serious shoppers. The more information someone can get online about your home, the better. Serious buyers don't want to have their time wasted either!

When you follow these steps, you can more easily attract interested buyers who already are intrigued by your property before they visit it. These steps can help you sell your property more quickly and for the best price.

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