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If you are looking for a new home in Edmonton, don't count out wall storage as a way to save space. The housing market can be brutal at the best of times, and taking full advantage of wall storage is a good way to save money and closet space while adding a new design element to your home. Read on to learn all about some ways to capitalize on wall space.

Think Tall

For whatever reason, humans are just not geared for looking up. It's always funny to see someone standing in the middle of a cluttered room and looking around for more space in frustration, when the walls are completely bare. Try to think of creative places to add shelving to a room - anywhere along a wall that doesn't have a door swinging into it can become storage space.

Repurpose Your Walls

There are plenty of useful things that you can hang on walls without any extra installation of shelves or cupboards. For example, try moving all of your pictures to nearby walls. The same goes for televisions: many of them have wall mounts that let you put them anywhere on a wall. Just because something is sitting on a table or a desk doesn't mean that it needs to stay there. Moving a few things to the walls can open up a lot of space.


The kitchen is a place that tends to accumulate a lot of clutter. However, there are already cupboards and drawers in many kitchens, so the walls are already tapped out, right? Wrong. Try adding a metal rail with hooks to hold utensils. Or find a magnetic knife holder - these are sheets of magnetic material that can hold any kind of metal tools and lie flat on the wall. They are perfect for freeing up some drawer and counter space, and they look good too.

Reach High

One classic element of home design that has fallen by the wayside is a shelf just below the ceiling. You can use it for old books, photo albums, and other things that don't get much use. That gives you more space down below for items that you use more often. Get a wood shelf that matches the walls and it will look beautiful.

Clean Yourself Up

The shower tends to get crowded with soaps and shampoos. Don't let bottles take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Get a wall-mounted container that uses suction cups or hooks to carry your stuff. This keeps your tiled floors cleaner and less likely to mildew, as well as giving you more space to move around. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can get ones that match your style.

Always be thinking about how to reorganize your things to give yourself more space. The tips outlined here are a start, but the real key is to have an open mind about your home's space. Think about what kind of clutter you have, how you can put it somewhere else, and what design elements would look good on your walls. Storage can be beautiful as well as functional, so don't resign yourself to temporary solutions and messes. Just be prepared to utilize space.

It all comes down to looking at walls with new eyes. Be innovative and take charge of your home. Put things that you use more often lower down, and things that you use less often higher up. Incorporate wood shelving and panels for a more authentic look. The bottom line is that homeowners don't take full advantage of the space in their homes. With a little bit of vertical thinking, you will find a whole new way to store your things.

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