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Whether you're buying or selling a home, the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. But with the right real estate professionals on your team, you’ll not only save time, but it is ultimately the best way to either sell your home for top dollar or get a great deal on your dream home.

Choosing the Right Realtor®

Choosing the right Realtor® is one of the most important factors when it comes to a buying or selling a home. When you have the right Realtor® on your side it's much easier to save time when looking for properties that fit your criteria, before you even head out to start looking. Who wants to waste time looking at a home that doesn't work for your family? And if you're selling your home, the right Realtor® will work together with you in order to present your home in the best fashion possible in order to attract qualified and interested buyers. Your Realtor® handles things like putting together an offer and price negotiation as well!

Work With a Professional Home Inspector

Work with a professional home inspector to ensure your house is up to date and ready for sale. Whether you are selling a family home, an antique house or even a business property, working with a legitimate home inspector can help to expedite the process of listing and selling a home to potential buyers. As a buyer, you get piece of mind knowing that the house in question has passed a professional inspection. There are things you can't see right away, like wiring or plumbing, that a home inspector knows to look for.

If you're the one selling your house, you can get an home inspection done at the beginning of the process. This can save you time when you have an offer on the table as most offers include a condition of a successful home inspection. Because you already have it completed (within a reasonable amount of time) you can avoid the wait times of having a home inspector come out and complete the inspection. However, this would only work if the buyer agrees to use your inspection report. They do have the right to have their own inspection done!

Hire a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer who also specializes in real estate is also highly recommended to avoid any potential conflicts during the process. You know that buying a home is probably the biggest purchase of someone's life, whether you are the seller or the buyer. The last thing you want is for the deal to fall through because of something missing on the legal documents. A good real estate lawyer will check for liens, property taxes and other legalities that could complicate the entire process.

Appraisers Matter

Alright, so this person isn't necessarily a requirement in the beginning, but having an appraiser on your side means you can be sure the home is priced correctly. Most mortgage companies require an appraisal before a final approval on a mortgage, so it's a good idea to have this ready to go. Whether you are a buyer or seller, an appraisal can really help speed along the negotiation process as well, since you have a professional and unbiased assessment of the value of the house.

Closing With a Mortgage Broker

So this particular professional is geared more to a buyer as a seller doesn't usually need a mortgage broker to sell their home. But they are still a very important part of the puzzle! Something we always recommend to people who are looking to purchase: get a mortgage pre-approval BEFORE you start shopping. That way, you know your budget right away and don't have to worry about looking at a house that doesn't fit. Not only that, but it shows the seller you are serious and gives you a leg up on other people who may be interested in the same house.

Look at it this way: a Realtor® compares houses and shops around for a good fit for you. A mortgage broker compares rates and different loan options to find the best deal for you. Another great thing about a mortgage broker is that there is only one hit on your credit report. The mortgage broker pulls your report once, and does all of the shopping around for you.

Taking the time to gather an A+ real estate team is the best way to put your mind at ease, whether you're selling your condo or moving up to a larger home with room for the new baby. Working with the right team, communicating and sharing your wants and desires, will ensure success, whether you're buying or selling.

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