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New to Canada? Tips For Buying Your First Home Featured Image

Approximately 300,000 individuals move into Canada each year, and many of these individuals choose to live in the Edmonton area. Edmonton offers residents a good climate, beautiful natural vistas, ample employment opportunities and much more. Whether you already live in Edmonton or you are preparing to move into the area, you may be wondering what you need to know about purchasing your first piece of real estate in Canada. With a closer look at how buying Canadian real estate differs from other countries, you'll be able to navigate through the sales process with greater ease and less stress. 

Budgeting Considerations When Buying a Home 

When you buy a new home in Canada, one important factor to consider is the impact of your purchase on your…

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Agent with Couple Asking Questions Image

Putting a real estate agent through an interview process is a smart consumer decision when wanting to hire one. You and the REALTOR will be sizing each other up to determine if you’re a good fit. Be suspicious if an agent doesn't ask probing questions about your motivation. A good agent is selective about the clients they serve.

New agents can be “fixed” with a little experience. Sometimes newly licensed agents are more gung-ho than seasoned veterans to make a sale. Competent mentors and training can produce successful real estate agents. Choosing a reputable agency is nearly as important as the REALTOR you choose. New agents have fewer customers and, therefore, more time to concentrate and impress the clients they do have. Smart agents repeat…

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