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Back to School: It's Almost That Time! Featured Image

Back to school time is always a little tricky to maneuver as giving up the freedom of summer for school days is not all that enticing. But with a little psychology and preparation, kids can get to where they actually look forward to this transition!

Understanding Rhythms

First of all, our bodies, like the seasons, are changing. The need for warmer clothing and the sight of autumn colours is almost like a trigger that tells us, "back to school." So why not celebrate the changing seasons as a way of helping your child get ready for school? 

Start getting your children to bed earlier and earlier until they reach their school day bedtime. See if they don't wake up on their own at about the time they need to for school. If alarm clocks can be…

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20 Tips to Keep Kids Happy This Summer Featured Image

Summer can seem like a really long time to the youngest members of your family. If you’ve recently moved into an new area, your children might need a little more guidance on what to do during their two months out of school. Here are 20 fun and exciting activities to do with your children this summer.

Outdoor Fun

  1. Allow your children to invent their own game. You will want to gather up different kinds of balls, bats and nets. Once in the yard, start playing and encourage your children to makeup their own rules.
  2. A neighbourhood scavenger hunt is a great way for kids to explore their local area. Come up with a short list of items to find and clues to locate them. 
  3. A bike ride is a great way to explore new neighbourhoods and learn more about…

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Unlock Your Dream Home: How to Buy Smart and Affordably Featured Image

When searching for a home to purchase, it's important to keep in mind the practical considerations of budget and financial responsibilities. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the search and lose sight of these important factors. Overspending on a house can have serious consequences, such as difficulty making mortgage payments or covering household expenses. To avoid this, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Know What You Want Before You Start Looking

Create a very specific list of requirements for your new house. Figure out which items are essentials and which are not. Be ready to accept the fact that a house in your budget may not have all of the things that you want. You may have to choose between your needs and some…

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 Tips for Keeping Your Basement Warm this Winter Featured Image

Having proper temperature management in the home can be much more than a simple convenience – it can also save you a great deal of money. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your basement warm this winter, no matter your budget.

Double Check All of Your Seals

If there is a walk out door, then it should be very tightly sealed with both a door sweep as well as weatherstripping. If there are additional rooms in the basement that are unheated, make sure to seal the doors to that room as well. 

Portable Heating Systems

Hey, they work! Space heaters are generally very low-cost, inexpensive to use and very effective. Almost all of the space heaters on the market today also come with built-in safety features as well, so this is both a…

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