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So you've done all of your prep and are ready for moving day. There are some things that you should keep in mind in order to make a great first impression on your new neighbours. If you don’t understand the etiquette of moving, read the following article so that you will know how to behave before and during your move.

Before the Move

Before you ever move the first box into your new house, you will want to call ahead in order to make sure that you are moving on the best day. Be sure that there is no competing construction going on in the neighbourhood.

When you book the movers, try to book during the workday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. This is the period in which most people are away from home and will not be disturbed by all of the noise that will be made by a move-in.

If you are moving into a place with elevators such as a condominium or apartment building, you may have to book the elevators as well. Talk to the building manager so that you can have these elevators booked ahead of time. Most condominiums have a back elevator that is made specifically for these types of things; however, you need to give the management time to let the people in the building know what is happening.

If you have pets, they should not be around during the move itself. They only serve to get in the way and create danger for themselves and everyone involved. Find someone who can watch them or book them into doggy daycare for moving day. Your attention will also be distracted away from the move itself if you have your pet on hand yapping at your heels or trying to run out the open door!

During the Move

Music is definitely a stress relief that can help to take away some of the pressure during the big move. However, be sure that you are playing your music at an acceptable noise level. There is already enough noise because of all the furniture and huge items you'll be bumping up the stairs with. Your new neighbours don't need to hear the new Taylor Swift album blaring from the speakers in the truck outside!

Clean up the rooms as the movers finished moving into them. This will help to shorten the time of the move overall. It will also help to keep you informed of the actions of the movers themselves. You will most likely have to clean up later, but there will be a lot less work if you do this ahead of time. Even better if someone can do this at your old place at the same time!

Lastly, treat the movers nicely. Remember that they are in control of your valuable possessions. Although the best moving companies have some sort of insurance policy, it is usually minimal and difficult to collect on anything that is broken. A good investment is to simply have some cold drinks available for these people as they are moving your things in and out of the house.

Moving may not be your idea of a good time, but it can be easier with these tips. Get ready to unpack!

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