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When it comes to your child's schooling, you want to make sure that they're receiving an education that best suits them. After all, you want their time to be used efficiently, so that they're truly learning and taking in all that's being taught. That's why it's best if they attend a top-of-the-line school. Here are a few of the best elementary schools in Edmonton:

1. Mount Pleasant School

Out of all the schools in the Edmonton area, Mount Pleasant has constantly been ranked as the number 1 school for academic performance. A lot of that is thanks to the fact that this school offers their students an alternative program that goes by the name of Cogito. This Cogito program works at taking those students who are excelling in academics to be put into their own environment that focuses on order and structure. However, in order to even get into Mount Pleasant School, students must meet certain requirements, which the school will provide to those interested. Mount Pleasant is located in the Pleasantville neighbourhood and operated strictly by the Edmonton Public School System.

2. Windsor Park School

Located in the Windsor Park neighbourhood, Windsor Park school is a small public school that focuses mainly on achieving excellence through both literacy and numeracy. That's why many students who don't even live in the Windsor Park community come specifically to this school for their learning needs. However, since the Windsor Park School is located near the University of Alberta, many of the students attending are the children of the University staff members. Another highlight of this school is that French is taught to those in Grades 4 through 6. The Windsor Park School is also known for its excellent music program that features a music specialist.

3. Stratford School

Stratford School is a public school which also employs the Cogito program, Mount Pleasant School. Unlike the others, though, this school is found in Jasper Park and hosts students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The Stratford School doesn't only focus on the academics. It also caters to developing the student's creativity, as well as their life skills. The curriculum is mainly knowledge-based, so it depends on a lot of hard work and dedication from both the staff and students. Here, the student's work habits and organizational skills are strengthened. Typically, the students' parents bring them and pick them up from this school, as the students come from all over west and central Edmonton.

4. St. Martin School

The St. Martin School is part of the Edmonton Catholic School Board, providing academics to students in the south and west areas of Edmonton, as the school is located in the Lendrum Place neighbourhood. Opposed to the other elementary schools in the area, the St. Martin School is ideal for bilingual Ukrainian students. That's because the academics from kindergarten to grade six are taught in both languages. In fact, this is one of two schools in the whole world that offers Ukrainian Dance training as part of their Physical Education and Fine Arts programs. At the St. Martin School, students will be treated to one-of-a-kind programs and teachers that excel.

5. Grandview Heights School

Within the Grandview Heights area of Edmonton is the Grandview Heights public school. This school hosts grades Kindergarten to Grade 9, thanks to their standard elementary program and Academic Alternative for the older students in junior high. At the Grandview Heights School, students are prepared for any schooling to follow thanks to their strict focus on the core subjects. Technology plays a big part here in the literacy, Physical Education and French programs taught.

In order to have a bright future, students must be enrolled in an elementary school that will not only strengthen their skills, but challenge them as well. Thankfully, when attending any one of these five elementary schools, children are setting themselves up for success.

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