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There are a multitude of methods to decorate or update an existing kitchen that don't require an exorbitant amount of time or money. Start with a generalized plan. Is the overall style outdated? Does the space need brightening? Perhaps you need more storage space. Consider the key elements that you want to change and design a plan around particular objectives.

Painted Facelift

Paint and a free weekend go a long way toward transforming a kitchen. Consider the look of your current cabinets. White cupboards, windows and other wood trim, combined with a pastel palette on the walls, and a darkened room becomes a resplendent, sunny atmosphere. Conversely, if desiring a more sophisticated and expensive appearance, think about painting cabinets a rich, dark brown or black accompanied by new hardware. Thoroughly clean the wood to remove grease and grime and lightly roughen surfaces with sandpaper before painting. 

Never Enough Storage

Free up cabinet space by installing an overhead pot rack and perhaps incorporate pendant lighting into the design. If your kitchen has extra open wall space, consider floating, bare wood shelves, braced by metal brackets for a country look. Create a more unified appearance by putting up wooden shelves supported by decorative wooden corbels When painted a solid colour, the space serves as the perfect place to display favourite dishes or other pieces. Explore the possibilities at rummage or yard sales for antique cupboards, carts or bureau type chests. Stain or paint as desired and, voila! Instant storage. Likewise, if floor space permits, think about adding a center island. A smaller island might be crafted from a rolling cart with a butcher block top for added workspace. While offering more storage below, the cart also easily moves out of the way when needed. 

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Focused Texture

The backsplash is an area that opens the door to great possibilities when looking to add a little texture without having to spend an inordinate amount of money. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Find some weathered wood in the form of shipping pallets, old buildings or other sources. Cut each plank into the desired lengths or widths. Line the backsplash with the wood in horizontal, vertical or other unique configurations for a rustic look. Use 'hard as nails' adhesive for a quick application. 
  • Choose a textured vinyl wallpaper that not only cleans easily, but also adds a bit of colour, texture and design. 
  • Mix and match ceramic and glass tiles for an eye-catching display. Use multi-purpose and water resistant combination adhesive/grout and embed an array of colourful, polished river pebbles on the backsplash for an unusual and attractive focal point. 

A Touch of Elegance

Create an air of elegance by selecting a rich, two-toned colour palette that might consist of gold/pink, off-white/silver or other desired colour combination. Find wallpaper that matches the colour scheme that you desire and create an accent wall. Make chair cushions and window treatments with matching or complimenting fabrics that have the same colours and bring the look together. Highlight cabinets with similar metallic accents or consider a hardware makeover. Find an inexpensive chandelier, then paint the fixture and add beading or rhinestones for a dramatic display. 

Vintage Inspired

Once again, paint cabinets or other areas in the kitchen bright colours. Find an old, solid table and mismatched chairs and paint those in complimentary colours. Consider the possibilities with other pieces of old furniture that might lay among numerous used items at second hand stores. Replace the existing light fixtures with unique pendant lights and paint. Implement an array of baskets in varied sizes for storage and homey accents. Add floating wood shelving if desired.

Do some research by looking through magazines, browse through design or DIY websites and create your own unique style. Even if you're wanting to completely overhaul your kitchen, start small and span the project over an extended length of time. In this way, you won't blow your budget or become overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.

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