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Putting a real estate agent through an interview process is a smart consumer decision when wanting to hire one. You and the REALTOR will be sizing each other up to determine if you’re a good fit. Be suspicious if an agent doesn't ask probing questions about your motivation. A good agent is selective about the clients they serve.

New agents can be “fixed” with a little experience. Sometimes newly licensed agents are more gung-ho than seasoned veterans to make a sale. Competent mentors and training can produce successful real estate agents. Choosing a reputable agency is nearly as important as the REALTOR you choose. New agents have fewer customers and, therefore, more time to concentrate and impress the clients they do have. Smart agents repeat their first-year experience by learning something new each year. Keeping abreast of current trends is important. 

What Should You Look for in a REALTOR?

A good REALTOR will make it clear that the main objective is to find or sell a house or property for you.

Listening is an important REALTOR skill. An agent should know if you are pre-qualified for a loan. If you are, he or she needs to know what type of loan approval you have. Your time frame for moving in is something of which a REALTOR should be aware. Knowing your budget and how iron clad the amount you’re willing to spend should drive the kind of properties you will be shown. The style of house, the number of bedrooms required, and the neighbourhood you are interested in should be the goal of the sale. People with, or expecting to have, children often want to reside in a particular school district.

The process of looking at homes should be explained to customers. Agents should always accompany you to suggested listings. Possible problem areas such as work needed to be done or landscaping that is less than attractive should be something the agent knows about in advance, and prepares potential buyers before showing the property. In other words, the agent should not waste your time.

How to Find a Good REALTOR

Painless real estate transactions can really only be enjoyed with the help of a good realtor. Not every realtor is capable of making that happen. Satisfied customers are the best source for finding a good agent. Ask for referrals from family, friends, neighbours, and coworkers.

What Do You Ask a Potential REALTOR?

Ask the REALTOR about their rate of success. The internet is an excellent resource to verify the answer to your questions. The licensure can also be checked on the web to ensure the agent is licensed to practice,

Find out how the agent communicates with customers. In the modern age of technology, potential buyers and sellers may have a preference to receive information via phone, email, or text. Communication can be tailored to the preferred method. 

“Do you work as a full-time or part-time realtor?” is a question worthy of being asked. Full-time agents may be more likely to commit time and effort to the sale of a home.

Ask the REALTOR what is on the business schedule during the time frame you need to sell or buy a home. Realtors have times in their lives when they are going to be away from the job, because of planned or unexpected circumstances. Knowing a REALTOR has other commitments allows a customer to choose someone else or prevents a surprise of being placed into another realtor’s care.

Asking for references from the REALTOR gives a better insight by comparing information from people you ask and people referred by the agent. You will learn what working with the broker will be like and how knowledgeable the agent is about the community of interest.

The goal is to have a successful outcome by working with someone who is well versed in the trade. Knowing something about the REALTOR before showings begin makes the process much easier. The REALTOR and the customer understand each other.

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