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Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect home or you are simply wondering if your own beloved property could use an update, it’s easy to see that the current luxury trends are really standing out! The features that designate a home as being a luxury property have come a long way. While some of these trends are here today and gone tomorrow, others have withstood the test of time.

What luxury features are taking center stage right now, and how can they be integrated into your future home?

Full Wireless Automation 

Not too long ago, it was considered impressive and exciting to have a television that was wirelessly connected to the Internet. Now we are taking the home of the future and integrating it into our everyday lives by connecting everything from the security system to the entertainment system to the climate controls to the hot tub to our phones! Through the use of certain apps, your home can always be in the perfect state of comfort and ease for you.

Mirrored Television

There are a number of ways to hide a television when it is not in use, but television cabinets have become rather dull. When you want to make sure that your entertainment center has a unique and multifunctional look, consider choosing a television model that will turn into a mirror when it has been switched off. Suddenly a room that was devoted to your favourite episode of The Ozarks becomes something much more elegant and restrained.

Green Spaces 

Going green has turned out to be a trend with real staying power, and for many people who love to do their part for the environment, the natural extension is to add a greenhouse to their homes. This is the perfect luxury addition for those who crave heat and light even in the depths of winter, and a properly insulated glass greenhouse can open up even the most spacious home. Other people prefer their green spaces to be a little less bright, and instead opt for a glassed-in porch or even a classic sunroom, complete with every convenience and technological advantage available.

Quartz Counter Top

Classic chefs say that a wonderful kitchen will always look one way, but many of us believe that a beautiful kitchen is what you make out of it! There was a trend for several years for granite countertops, but for those with a real futuristic bent or just a love of the fantastical, there is the quartz countertop. Quartz countertops are sealed and just as functional as any other natural stone countertop, but the icy brilliance of this surfacing choice provides your kitchen with a beautiful imitable grace. 

Snoring Rooms

Though the name is far from lovely, snoring rooms have become a marital necessity and a joy. Everyone loves snuggling down with their spouse for the night, but sleeping with a snorer can really cut down on the romance and the goodwill. More and more luxury homes are including snoring rooms, where a gorgeous and comfortable bed can be placed right off of the master suite. These rooms are lovingly appointed, and they are a perfect way for a couple to reach a quiet accord. These rooms are also ideal for people who have CPAP machines, which can be disruptive in several ways.

Luxury homes are amazing, but more than anything else, they are modern. There are some amazing features and options that you can include, so do not shy away from some of the more wild choices that are open to you!

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